402 with Mallet

402 With Mallet

Manufacturer: Porta-Nailer

Code: F10682

Model: 402


The Porta-Nailer Hammerhead now has a new and improved lightweight, durable design. To guarantee nails are set properly each time, the ratcheting ram allows for single or multi-hits. The porta-nailer system is more accurate and faster than traditional hand methods. The Porta-Nailer also guarantees every nail to be properly seated. The exclusive ''ratcheting ram'' insures that the ram does not return until the nail is properly seated. Whether this is accomplished with one or multiple blows the results are the same every time. Also a great feature when working in tight areas. Used with flat nails. Key features Lightweight, durable design Single and multi-hits More accurate and faster Ideal when working in tight areas Every nail is properly seated Approximate coverage 1,000 nails per 200 sq. ft. of standard 2 1/2'' strip flooring Includes Extension handle Mallet Angled shoe for 5/8in - 33/32in tongue and groove flooring Wrenches Rugged carrying case

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